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    Macramé 3-Ply

    What does a ‘Ply’ yarn mean?

    A rope or cord is made of a group of yarns, plies and fibers or strands that are twisted or braided together into a larger and stronger form. Cotton rope usually consists of 3 Ply's. For macramé projects usually a single ply is used, but 3 Plies give you more possibilities. 3 ply cords are also easy to implement in your project, it can be split to 1 Ply so you have more more possibilities for beautiful knots and projects.

    Natural Macramé Cord

    We sell 100% recycled and natural macramé single-ply cotton cord. The best quality macramé cotton yarns with a soft feel and best look for all your macramé and cotton weaving. Our Macrame cotton cord is great for all your macrame projects like dreamcatchers, bags and rugs. These cotton yarns meet all strands requirements of STANDARD 100 OEKO TEX and are thus guaranteed free of substances harmful to health & the environment.

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