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Kelly Green Micro Cord

1,15 zł
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  • Kup 30 po 1,06 zł za każdy i zaoszczędź 8%
  • Kup 300 po 0,89 zł za każdy i zaoszczędź 23%
We offer a discount up to 25%! - We supply our Paracord in a bundle, custom length spool and standard size spool.

Kelly Green Micro Cord

This is how you receive your Paracord:

Fill in the desired number of meters, and we will deliver the Paracord in a bundle or on a custom length spool. The price depends on the number of meters you order. You'll receive the highest discount (25%) on a standard spool of 300 meters. If you would like this discount, type '300' in the number of meters field.

  • Diameter: Ca. 1,4 mm.
  • High-Quality Yarns
  • Rope Sleeve is 16-strands
  • No core
  • Tensile strength: 90 lbs/kilo (40 kg)
  • Density Nylon: 1,15 g/cm³ 
  • Can shrink 5-10% by wetness
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Washable at 30 °C (Because of the concentrate of dye some colours are more prone to bleed.)
SKU: MT010468
Cena za: metr
Minimalna wytrzymałość na zerwanie (kg): 35
Waga: 1 gram
Rope Diameter: 1.4 mm
Kolor: Green
Paracord Type: Paracord Micro
Pattern Type: Solid
Materiał liny: Nylon (PA)
Number of Strands: 8
Rope Construction: Coreless
Max Continuous Length: 300

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