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    DIY Kit ''Le Chique'' - Make Your Own Dog Collar

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    Make your own dog collar with this DIY kit in the colours gold and black. Suitable for starters.

    DIY kit ''Le Chique'' - Make your own dog collar

    Make your own adjustable collar with this DIY kit! The DIY kits and corresponding instructions are designed in such a way that you can make a nice Paracord collar as a starter.

    Adjustable collar due to Biothane adapter

     Collar size up to 60 cm possible

    Online tutorials for 4 knot patterns

    Ready-made kit, so no customisation possible

    1 Paracord DIY kit, many possibilities

    This DIY kit contains all you need to make your own dog collar with a Biothane adapter.

    With this kit you can make these knots: Honey Bee, Benno's Happiness, Luna's Fly Trap and Graf Wutz. With the materials you can also make all kinds of other knots, but for the 4 mentioned knots there are tutorials available.

    Contents DIY kit:

    Black MT010106 9 m
    Gold Paracord 550 Type III MT010121 7 m
    Gold Diamonds Paracord 550 Type III MT010463 7 m
    Cream Paracord 550 Type III MT018789 7 m
    Black Biothane Adapter   1 pcs


    In the DIY kit you will find a sheet with references to online tutorials and videos that you can use when making your own Paracord dog collar.  

    These knots can be made with this kit:

    These tools are not part of the kit, but are used in the tutorials: 

    • Scissors
    • Paracord Needle Type III
    • Blowtorch
    • Jig

    Please note: 

    • There will soon be a living animal attached to the collar. Of course, you do not want the animal to get loose because the collar has weak spots. Therefore, ensure that the set-up is always one piece and that you always insert the set-up threads back through the set-up when finishing off.
    • The Biothane adapters in these kits are made with care. It is good to regularly check if everything still looks good for the safety of your dog.
    • is not responsible for any damage as a result of misapplication of the instructions.
    SKU: MT021690
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    Waga: 280 gram

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