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DIY Kit ''Watermelon'' - Make your own Dog Leash 

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A fun & colourful DIY Kit for at home! With this DIY kit you can make 1 dog leash, for which you can choose out of 3 different braids: 4 Strand Round Double Braid, Herringbone and the Kara Yatsu (Leash length ca. 170cm).

DIY Kit ''Watermelon'' - Make your own Dog Leash 

Are you looking for a gift, do you need some help with colour matching or are you just starting as a creator? Then this DIY kit might be exactly what you are looking for. 

These DIY kits & instructions are made with the aim that beginners, who have never worked with paracord before, can make these awesome crafts. 

1 DIY kit, many possibilities

This DIY kit includes the supplies needed for 1 dog leash, for which you can choose out of 3 different braids: 4 Strand Round Double Braid, Herringbone and Kara Yatsu. The kit includes the references to the tutorials of these three braids, but with the materials you receive, you could make countless different Paracord braids.

4 Strand Round Double Braid

This braid is ideal for a variety of projects. It is most commonly used to braid dog leashes, but it is also often used in the equestrian world. The braid lies comfortably in the hand.

Difficulty: Easy



Herringbone: a braid that gets its name from the pattern it produces. You can vary the exact colour pattern by placing the ropes differently at the beginning. This braid is relatively easy to make. For this whole braid, you only need to remember two steps that are repeated over and over again.

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Kara Yatsu

Kara Yatsu is a braid which can be made with the help of a Kumihimo disc (it’s possible to work with an alternative, e.g. homemade cardboard disc). Kuhimino is a traditional Japanese art form of making braids and cords. 

As with any pattern, it may take some time to find the right way to handle this technique, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy and fun to braid.

Difficulty: Easy


When you unpack your DIY kit, you will find a sheet that will guide you to our online instruction, with links to the videos and blogs (in English) that you can use to create your own Paracord dog leash.


What you get in this DIY kit

Viva La Vino Red Paracord 550 Type III MT019772 7 mtr.
Rose Pink & Moss Diamonds Paracord 550 Type III MT014569 7 mtr.
Pastel Pink Paracord 550 Type III MT018326 7 mtr.
Holy Guacamole Paracord 550 Type III MT019738 7 mtr.
Chrome Plated Snap Hook 75 mm - Ø 13 mm MT020416 1 pcs.
O-Ring Steel/Nickel plated 25 x 3,5mm. MT012062 1 pcs.
Ring 7x4   12 pcs.

*Snap Hook breaking strength: 197 kg 

These following products are NOT included in the kit, but can be purchased additionally:

  • Kumihimo Disc (advised for Kara Yatsu)
  • Jig Board
  • Paracord Needle Type III
  • Gas Burner

Please note: 

  • The kind of snap hook in this kit has been carefully chosen. Look carefully at the breaking strength of the snap hook in the package and determine if it is strong enough for the specific animal you are making the leash for.
  • is not responsible for any damage suffered as a result of misapplication of the instructions. 
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