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    Korda's Kris 10,1 mm. - Per Meter

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    Korda's Kris 10,1 mm. - Per Meter

    Korda's Kris 10,1 mm. - Per Meter

    KRIS is a rope that gets a perfect balance between shock force and elongation. Thanks to its standard range of finishings it’s easy to clipping a carabiner around it and it has also a soft touch. It includes the ESTABILITY finishing, which is excusive of KORDA’S and has been pioneer in getting a complete bonding of the sheath and the core to prevent sheath slippage and the unpleasant sock effect.

    Product Features

    • Rope type: Single Rope
    • Number of falls: 8
    • Impact force: 850 daN
    • Dynamic elongation: 33%
    • Static elongation: 7,3%
    • Diameter: Ø 10.1mm
    • Length: per meter
    • Weight: 65g/m
    • 100% Nylon (Polyamide)
    • Model: Single Rope
    • EN 892
    • Kleur code: Rojo/Azul
    • Made in Spain

    Finishing thermochemical with Fluorocarbon. The rope is waterproof, absorbs less water, lasts longer and slows freezing.

    High resistance to rubbing with a much more abradable touch.

    Pioneering system in the full union of the sheath and soul since 2002. All parts of the rope work simultaneously. Sock unpleasant effect removal of the cover slip. Greater dimensional stability throughout its life. Reduces the progressive shrinkage of the cord over time.
    SKU: MT013158
    Cena za: metr
    Waga: 65 gram
    Rope Diameter: 10 mm
    Kolor: Multi
    Brand: Korda's
    Other Cord Types: Climbing Rope
    Pattern Type: Multicolor
    Materiał liny: Nylon (PA)
    Rope Construction: Kernmantle
    Max Continuous Length: 200

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