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    Nylon Smycz dla Psa

    We have listed some pros and cons down below for you, so you can pick the perfect nylon dog leash rope for your new creative projects!

    This rope has a smooth and supple texture that allows it to glide easily through your accessories

    Nylon is known for its excellent strength and abrasion resistance, which makes it an ideal choice for making dog leashes and collars.\

    Nylon does not float and may shrink minimally when in contact with water

    How to make a dog leash out of nylon rope? Watch our tutorial here!


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    5. Royal Purple - Dog Leash Rope - Ø 10 mm Artykuł nr:MT020140
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    15. Crocodile Green - Dog Leash Rope - Ø 10mm Nylon Artykuł nr:MT021702
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